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Instructions to Care

Caring for Silver Products

Keep Sliver Items in Cool and Dry Place. Always Re-pack the products in poly/plastic bags when not in use. Do not wrap in any kind of paper, Cloth, colored material. Clean Silver products with Colgate powder only

Caring for Gold Plated Products

Do not keep gold plated products in velvet box or other similar type of packing box. Always keep Gold Plated Products in Poly/Plastic bags when not in use. Keep it away from any type of chemicals.

Caring for Silver Plated Products

Silver plated products can be maintained for years of use and enjoyment provided that some basic care and attention is given to their preservation, as they are tarnishresistant and lacquered for protection.


Improper handling can cause serious damage to products, as they are soft metal. Products should not be handled with bare hands. Salts and oils from your skin can etch into any polished metal and may cause permanent damage. Wearing soft cotton gloves while cleaning or handling the product can prevent it from any kind of abrasion.


Always clean with soft dry cloth.
Do not use any liquid; acid or any chemical for cleaning.
Do not polish as it may remove Protective lacquering.
Avoid use of acetone or other solvent for cleaning


Avoid keeping products in high intensity light or extreme heat. When not in use, do not wrap in any kind of paper, poly/plastic bags with rubber bands, as dampness encourages tarnish. Always store in a clean, dry and airtight place/cupboard. Also, when storing, wrap the product in a soft white cloth or soft butter paper.

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